2015 Midwest BME Regional Conference

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The University of Akron in Ohio is hosting a conference for all BME students and working professionals. The conference provides career information and networking opportunities, as well as shows off the host schools BME program. This conference is taking place on November 6th 2015. Click on the link below to go to the BMES page to learn more.


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Students Attend Coulter College Competition in Coral Gables, FL

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LTU had six BME students attend a conference/competition in Coral Gables Florida. Lawrence Tech was joined by 19 other schools. Coulter College is a training program focused on translation of biomedical innovations. Student design teams are guided by faculty and clinical experts through a highly dynamic process designed to help them better understand how innovations can meet clinical needs, while providing tools and approaches used to evolve identified problems into novel solutions. The program is supported by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

This was the 2nd year in a row that Lawrence Tech applied and was accepted as one of the schools to attend.


From left to right: Colin Thomson, Nick Denney, Corina Malone, Muntha Issa, Ryan Reed, Brendon Clover and Dr. Mansoor Nasir.


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New Graduate Course Starting F2015

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BME 6303 “Cellular Mechanobiology” is being offered for the first time during the Fall semester of 2015.

Dr. Eric G. Meyer is excited to lead this course covering cutting edge topics in Biomedical Engineering. Specifically, the course will cover the biochemical signaling that occurs in cells in response to various mechanical environmental conditions. Topics include the mechanical behavior of live cells during cell motility, force generation, and interaction with the extracellular matrix; the advanced biomechanical testing tools used for in vitro characterization of living cells; the mechanotransduction processes that convert mechanical forces into biochemical signaling in cells, tissues, and organs.

The textbook is Introduction to Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology By; Jacobs, Huang, and Kwon. ISBN 978-0-8153-4425-4. Additional references will be provided as needed.

Introduction, Concepts, the Cell as a Framework
Historical Foundation
Cell Biology Review
Growth and functional adaptation
Solid Mechanics Review
Fluid Mechanics Review
Statistical Mechanics
Cellular Polymers
Cellular Networks
Cell Membrane
Cell Migration
Cell Contraction
Hormone/Biochemical Influences
Applications in Tissue Engineering
Tendon Mechanoregulation
Cartilage Mechanoregulation
Bone Mechanoregulation
Comparative Biomechanics

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:15 PM. Students will be assessed based on occasional homework assignments, projects, in class journal article reviews, and an exam covering the first part of the course.

For more information about this course or the new Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at LTU, contact Dr. Meyer.

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Now accepting applications for NEW Master’s program!

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It is not too late to submit your application to join the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at Lawrence Tech for the fall semester.

    The MSBME program is designed to enhance the knowledge of professionals for advanced and emerging topics in the field. Lawrence Tech’s signature combination of theory and practice is designed to provide you with enhanced knowledge of specialized tools and technologies, the ability to formulate and solve advanced engineering problems, design systems or processes, and evaluate complex systems and newly created knowledge.
    Our faculty have expertise in biomechanics, tissue engineering, bioMEMS, bioinstrumentation, and medical imaging. They are your partners as you work on applied research and design projects.
    The core of the MSBME program consists of 6-8 lecture courses and 2-4 laboratory, design and/or research courses. Students have a choice of one advanced mathematics and one advanced biology/physiology course, three biomedical engineering courses and one to three additional elective courses to complete the degree. Your selection of courses from wide spectrum of topics provides the ability to tailor your degree to fit your interests.
    Finally, you will also have the option to complete either 1-2 Master’s Design Project courses or 2-3 Master’s Research Thesis courses for the engineering capstone experience. Early in the program, you can select a BME faculty member to serve as your adviser and to work with to determine the scope of your Project or Thesis work.

    The eligibility for the program is not limited to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering; interested students from other engineering and science backgrounds are also eligible to enroll in this program. Up to two of the courses may be completed during a dual-enrollment option or transferred from another graduate program.

It is a challenging curriculum. I am confident that each of our students will be up to the task, and I very enthusiastically welcome you. You can find various current activities as well as our faculty interests on our website


Best Regards,

Eric G. Meyer, PhD
Director of Master’s Program, Biomedical Engineering
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Internship Opportunity

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Beaumont is looking for an intern in the implant retrieval lab!

Read the attached flier for a more detailed description. Email erin.baker@beaumont.edu with your resumes if you are interested.



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ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition in Seattle, WA

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The ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of engineering education. The conference’s main focus is to promote the exchange of ideas among the different teaching staff on the different teaching methods and curriculum they find best. It is a chance for all to share new ideas and gain knowledge from others. The BME department here at LTU attended the conference.

We had two presentations and a poster:


FostIMG_4431ering the entrepreneurial mindset through the development of multidisciplinary learning modules based on the ”Quantified Self” social movement
Dr. Eric G Meyer and Dr. Mansoor Nasir

Quantified Self

Enhancing undergraduate education through research-based learning: a longitudinal case study
Dr. Yawen Li


Providing Diverse Opportunities for Capstone Projects in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Mansoor Nasir, Dr. Eric G Meyer and Dr. Yawen Li

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Biomedical Engineering Workshop Hosted at LTU

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Faculty from 12 Colleges attended a BME workshop at LTU. The main goal of this workshop was to encourage the entrepreneurship mindset of students and for entrepreneurship should be integrated into the curriculum. Few engineers have come up with a concept and followed through to get the idea funded. The goal is to help students in real life situations by giving them opportunities in the classroom to explore the field from the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Baylor - Kelley




Quantified-Self (QS) Roadshow – LTU Edition

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Dr. Mansoor Nasir and Dr. Eric Meyer hosted 13 faculty members from Lawrence Tech, Kettering University and Ohio Northern in the first event of the Quantified-Self Roadshow seriesFaculty from the original KEEN Topical Grant on Quantified self (PI: Dr. Eric Meyer) ) shared the modules focusing on Entrepreneurial Mindset  Learning (EML) from various engineering and science fields. The roadshow is part of a KEEN Topical Network Grant (PI: Dr. Mansoor Nasir) that is being leveraged to disseminate classroom resources for EML and student engagement around the QS theme. LTU is taking the lead in building the network of faculty and is sharing resources at a dedicated website qsl4eml.ltu.edu.

QsWorkshop (1) QsWorkshop (3) QSWorkshop (5)

The half-day mini-workshop also included a great presentation by a guest speaker, Dr. Daniel Johnson, who is commercializing a powered exoskeleton for the lumbar spine through a local startup venture, Exodynamics. Student from various departments and workshop faculty attended the presentation where Dr. Johnson shared his experiences about entrepreneurship and in commercializing a new technology.

QSworkshop (4)

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Commencement 2015

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BME @LTU is proud of the graduating seniors, Class of 2015. The students include Akram AlSamarae, Ameer Al Khafaji, Malak Alkhaqany, Amanda Bukhtia,  Christopher Harris, Mateusz Koper, Stephen Krammin, Danielle Manley, Patricia Nahas, Rachel Porter, Dominique Reed and Kaitlyn Tingley.


Pictures from commencement

Commencement (3)  Commencement (1)  commencement

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KEEN Provides a Grant to Update BME Courses

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Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir have been working on updating some key courses of the BME curriculum to give students more real world examples of BME related topics. One of these topics is the improvement and development of quantified self (QS) devices. These devices are a result of the public wanting to keep track of their personal health using hand held devices that monitor their: heart rate, calories burned, speed, steps taken and many other data points that monitor your performance. KEEN has provided a grant to Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir to improve the BME curriculum using QS. Students will be exposed to new ideas and technologies throughout their courses at LTU. The professors are trying to get students to look at and solve real world problems with confidence in their early years in the BME program. With help from KEEN, they can now provide the knowledge required to provide new projects in the classroom to better prepare students.



http://qs4eml.ltu.edu/ (QS Project)

http://keennetwork.org/blog/?p=2580 (KEEN Blog Post)

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