Tufts University Soft Material Robotics IGERT Fellowship

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Seniors who plan to pursue graduate education in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, or any of the Engineering disciplines to explore the Tufts University Soft Material Robotics – IGERT website. Information on how to apply for a 2015 Soft Material Robotics – IGERT Fellowship is available on the website.


As a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s prestigious IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) award, Tufts University has accepted the challenge of establishing new models for graduate education and training. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment in which our research transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, with a focus on soft material robotics.

Dr. Yawen Li, Research

BME Professor Validates a New Dental Implant Procedure

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Biomedical Engineering Professor Eric Meyer has been working with periodontist Salah Huwais to test and validate a new dental implant procedure. “After four years of research and more than 60 prototypes, Huwais came up with a novel design that achieved that mission and was validated by Lawrence Technological University in Southfield. Last spring, he launched Versah, a medical device company.” Dr. Huwais was able to validate his new design with the help of Dr. Eric Meyer.  The patent pending design went on sale in November and has already sold out of its inventory.

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Senior Design Team Completes I-Corps Program

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Daniel Greenshields, Justin Killewald, Rachel Porter along with their advisor Dr. Eric Meyer participated in the I-Corps  business mentoring program. The program  helps innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, tinkerers, and companies advance new product ideas and establish new commercial opportunities. The team created a redesigned knee-brace hinge mechanism that reduces or prevents injuries from compressive, hyperextension, and valgus-bending loading mechanisms that are common during sports injuries of the ACL. This is the second LTU BME team to complete the program. Kevin Roberts and Katelyn Fortin were the first team; they designed a heel insert to improve running technique. Both teams filed a provisional patents and are seeking commercialization.

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Research Experience For Undergrads

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Research Experience for Undergraduates & Veterans

additional opportunity specifications for VETERANS noted underlined blue

June 16 – August 22, 2015

The University of Washington Center for Sensorimoimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) will sponsor a summer research program for undergraduate students on the university’s Seattle campus. Students will participate in on going research projects with investigators and will have the opportunity to take part in training sessions designed to provide the undergraduate scientist with solid critical thinking and communication skills that will serve as a foundation for graduate study.

The goal of the CSNE is to leverage an understanding of how biological systems acquire and process information to make smarter machines, and to interface those machines more effectively with the nervous system. This approach is being used by researchers at the Center to develop engineering interventions for neurological disease and injury, as well as to augment normal neural function. Research at the CSNE is focused on reverse-engineering the sensorimotor aspects of the brain, developing neural interfaces, using the neural signals to control external devices, and developing sophisticated algorithms for closed-loop control between humans and machines.

The Program Provides Opportunities To:

  • Participate in on-going neural engineering research at the University of Washington
  • Improve your critical thinking, communication, and scientific presentation skills through sessions designed for student scientists
  • Learn about the emerging field of neuroethics
  • Prepare and present research results to the scientific community

Applicants Must:

  • Devote 40 hours per week to the program
  • Attend weekly classes, seminars, meetings and other required events
  • Prepare and present a research poster at the undergraduate research symposium
  • Make an oral research presentation at the end of the summer
  • Be a US citizen or in the case of the program for Veterans: you must be a Veteran







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BME T-Shirts Deadline!

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T-Shirt Design

Please support the LTU BMES chapter and buy a shirt! They are only $17. Muntha, our Treasurer, will be in the Engineering lounge 11/19/14 from 12:15pm-1:15pm and Thursday 11/20/14 from 9:30am-11:30am taking orders and payment. These are the final two days we will collecting money so don’t miss out if you are interested!

Questions? Email Muntha:  missa1@ltu.edu


Biomedical Engineering Society BMES

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

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The CSNE at the University of Washington sponsors a 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates on the Seattle campus during the summer.  This program provides undergraduate students with opportunities to work on research projects with scientists and to take part in workshop training sessions in ethics, communications, and scientific presentation skills designed to provide the undergraduate scientist with a solid foundation for graduate study.

Undergraduates will help with research in one of 17 labs at the UWOur summer 2015 session takes place June 16 – August 21, 2015.


Website: http://csne-erc.org/content/research-experience-undergraduates

Details Here

(You can contact any BME Faculty for general information about REU as well)

Dr. Eric Meyer, Dr. Gerald L. LeCarpentier, Dr. Mansoor Nasir, Dr. Yawen Li, Research

Beaumont Hospital Job Opportunity

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The  Orthopaedic Research Labaratory at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is seeking a co-op position. See job description below:

We are looking to add a co-op student (paid position) to our orthopaedic research laboratory, located on the campus of Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak, from December 2014 through August 2015, with the option of working through December 2015 (preferred). This is a 36 hour/week commitment (M-F). The position includes working with staff engineers in the Biomechanics, Joint Wear Simulation and Biomaterials sections of the laboratory. The student will assist with biomechanical testing, imaging/analysis of histology, wear simulation, data/statistical analyses, and programming. Because the student will be fully integrated in multiple research studies, we also anticipate the student will write and contribute to manuscript preparation for journal submission, thus qualifying for authorship. This position is a great launching pad for a student interested in graduate school and/or a research-based career.


The co-op student should be:

1.      An undergraduate Biomedical, Materials, Mechanical Engineering student

2.      Available from December 2104-August 2015 (preference given to students able to stay until December 2015, but all eligible students are encouraged to apply)

3.      Experienced in MATLAB (at least one semester)

4.      Able to work both independently and within a multidisciplinary team

Students should apply by sending the following information to orthoresearch2014@gmail.com:

1.      Cover letter

2.      Resume

3.      Technical writing sample (e.g. lab report in which you were the lead author)

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BMES Conference 2014

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Representing Lawrence Tech at the BMES Conference in Texas were (L-R) Daniel Greenshields, Lindsay Petku, Rachel Porter, Akram Alsamarae, Justin Killewald

Five students from the BME department attended the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Conference in San Antonio, Texas to present their findings related to their senior projects. They were exposed to many facets related to Biomedical Engineering. The students attended lectures involving many BME topics and they networked with other attendees.   Dan Greenshields, Rachael Porter, and Justin Killewald presented their poster on a Novel Design of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament for an Injury Prevention Brace.  Their team also won an undergraduate student award for their submission of an extended abstract!  Akram Alsamarae and Lindsay Petku presented a poster related to Gait Analysis for Early Fall Prevention.


Students attended lectures regarding topics in BME


LTU Students (L-R) Daniel Greenshields, Rachel Porter, and Justin Killewald presented research based on their senior design project


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BMES Meeting Reminder

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The next BMES meeting will be held in E100 on Thursday October 16 at 11:30 am

See you there! 

Biomedical Engineering Society BMES

engineeringworldhealth: Summer Institute Application Packet for 2015 is OPEN

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EWH Summer Institute

Put your Engineering Skills to Work in the Developing World


Saving Equipment =Saving Lives

A Different kind of Summer: The EWH Summer institute is a two month program where engineers live in a developing country with a local family, learn hands-on skills and a new language, and use those newly acquired technical skills to improve health care in the community. We are currently offering  programs in Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Rwanda.Click here for an overview of this program:

Top University-Designed Engineering Courses:

The first month is spent learning the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully work in a hospital in the developing world. The text book and laboratory excercises were developed by Duke University and Texas A&M University, and are taught by instructors with decades of experience working on equipment in the developing world. You can even receive course credit towards your degree: Email sl@ewh.org for more details.


The deadline to apply for the coming summer is January 26th, 2015.

EngineeringWorldHealthSTUDENTS Summer Institute Participants Write:”All in all, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Being in Africa for two months alone was the experience of a lifetime, but actually being ale to work in the hospital hands-on changed the way I view the world forever.”
“More than anything else, my summer experience in Nicaragua has motivated me to try to seek out more opportunities to work in global health in my future.”
“I found and appreciated the engineer in me.”
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