Injury Biomechanics by Dr. Joseph Hassan

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The Biomedical Engineering Program includes the research area of Injury biomechanics (also called Biomechanics of trauma or Impact biomechanics). The new initiative studies the biomechanical behavior of the

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human body under extreme, injury producing, loading conditions. Students trained in injury biomechanics are especially skilled in trauma biomechanics and occupant kinematics. Using medical records, diagnostic images and the scientific literature, they combine medical and engineering knowledge to assess the causal relationship between diagnosed injuries and loads applied during an impact event. Particular interest is given to topics such as definition of impact injury mechanisms, the quantification of biomechanical response to impact, the determination of impact tolerance levels, and the development and use of injury assessment devices and techniques for evaluating injury prevention systems. The current status of knowledge and technology is emphasized for the head, cervical spine, thorax, abdomen, and lower extremity.

Graduates of such program are typically skilled in the impact of abnormal environments on normal anatomy. They study the effects of exposure to physical forces (e.g., localized and whole body impacts and repeated jolt) on the health and performance of human beings. These skills are accomplished through epidemiological research, computer modeling, laboratory simulation, use of crash dummies and human volunteers, investigation of mishaps and ground vehicular incidents.

BME graduates of such program develop biomechanically validated injury standards and recommend injury prevention strategies to equipment developers and major commands.


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