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Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE)

Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE), an initiative to encourage innovative and unconventional global health and development solutions, is now accepting grant proposals for its latest application round. GCE is an agile, accelerated grant initiative with a short two-page application an no preliminary data required. Applications can be from anywhere in the world; at any experience level; in any discipline; and from any organization, including colleges and universities (undergraduates, graduate students, professors, administrators), government laboratories, research institutions, non-profit organizations and for profit companies.

All you need is a good idea addressing one of our topic challenges, write a two-page proposal describing how you will test it, and you could receive $100,000 to do so! Really!


Proposals for this round are now being accepted online until May 7, 2013 on the following topics:

*The “One Health” Concept: Bringing Together Human and Animal Health for New Solutions

*Increasing Interoperability of Social Good Data

*Develop the Next Generation of Condom

*New Approaches for Detection, Treatment, and Control of Selected Neglected Tropical Diseases

*Labor Saving Strategies and Innovations for Women Smallholder Farmers

Initial grants will be US $100,000 each, and projects showing promise will have the opportunity to apply for additional funding of up to US $1 million. Full descriptions of the new topics and application instructions are available at:

www.grand challenges.org/explorations. (Click on the “Read Round 11 topics” on the right side of the page.)

Please note that we run two rounds of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) grant opportunities per year with multiple topics each round. Interested parties ca sign up here to receive e-mail updates and new topic announcements:


Grant Opportunities
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