A note from Dan Greenshields, President of the Biomedical Engineering Society LTU Chapter – Fall 2013 Newsletter

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The following article is from the Fall 2013 BME Newsletter:

Dear Students,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Biomedical Engineering Program at Lawrence Technological University and welcome back to our returning students.  On behalf of the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter, I would like to welcome you to the program and introduce you to some of the benefits of becoming a member of BMES.

BMES is a great organization and networking tool for Biomedical Engineering students. The BMES usually meets every 4-6 weeks and provides a great, much needed link between students and the Biomedical Engineering industry.  Each year, BMES hosts various events at LTU, including guest lecturers, tours to outside facilities, social events, research opportunities, conferences and more.  BMES aims to expose students to the vast applications of Biomedical Engineering.  By involving yourself with student and professional organizations you will have the opportunity to socialize with other students with similar interests and build connections with professionals in the field. The networking connections established though partaking in BMES activities may serve an essential role in job placement after graduation.

The Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter at Lawrence Tech is thrilled to announce that our Biomedical Engineering program will pay for the first year BMES membership dues for all new BMES members at the freshman/sophomore levels (less than 60 credits completed by the end of summer 2013).  If you’re interested in becoming a BMES member, please contact Dr. Li (yli@ltu.edu) or Dan Greenshields (dgreenshi@ltu.edu).  The free first year membership is only open to freshman/sophomore students who are new to BMES.

Our first BMES meeting of the Fall 2013 semester will be held during the first month of classes. More information about time and location of the meeting will be made available to you via blackboard announcement. If you have any questions, or would like more information on how to join BMES, please feel free to contact me any time. We look forward to meeting you.


Thank You,

Daniel Greenshields

President – Lawrence Technological University Biomedical Engineering Society

Senior Biomedical Engineering Student


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