KEEN Provides a Grant to Update BME Courses

By Eric MeyerComments Off on KEEN Provides a Grant to Update BME Courses

Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir have been working on updating some key courses of the BME curriculum to give students more real world examples of BME related topics. One of these topics is the improvement and development of quantified self (QS) devices. These devices are a result of the public wanting to keep track of their personal health using hand held devices that monitor their: heart rate, calories burned, speed, steps taken and many other data points that monitor your performance. KEEN has provided a grant to Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir to improve the BME curriculum using QS. Students will be exposed to new ideas and technologies throughout their courses at LTU. The professors are trying to get students to look at and solve real world problems with confidence in their early years in the BME program. With help from KEEN, they can now provide the knowledge required to provide new projects in the classroom to better prepare students.


QS4EML-license-plate-final (QS Project) (KEEN Blog Post)

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