Now accepting applications for NEW Master’s program!

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It is not too late to submit your application to join the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at Lawrence Tech for the fall semester.

    The MSBME program is designed to enhance the knowledge of professionals for advanced and emerging topics in the field. Lawrence Tech’s signature combination of theory and practice is designed to provide you with enhanced knowledge of specialized tools and technologies, the ability to formulate and solve advanced engineering problems, design systems or processes, and evaluate complex systems and newly created knowledge.
    Our faculty have expertise in biomechanics, tissue engineering, bioMEMS, bioinstrumentation, and medical imaging. They are your partners as you work on applied research and design projects.
    The core of the MSBME program consists of 6-8 lecture courses and 2-4 laboratory, design and/or research courses. Students have a choice of one advanced mathematics and one advanced biology/physiology course, three biomedical engineering courses and one to three additional elective courses to complete the degree. Your selection of courses from wide spectrum of topics provides the ability to tailor your degree to fit your interests.
    Finally, you will also have the option to complete either 1-2 Master’s Design Project courses or 2-3 Master’s Research Thesis courses for the engineering capstone experience. Early in the program, you can select a BME faculty member to serve as your adviser and to work with to determine the scope of your Project or Thesis work.

    The eligibility for the program is not limited to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering; interested students from other engineering and science backgrounds are also eligible to enroll in this program. Up to two of the courses may be completed during a dual-enrollment option or transferred from another graduate program.

It is a challenging curriculum. I am confident that each of our students will be up to the task, and I very enthusiastically welcome you. You can find various current activities as well as our faculty interests on our website

Best Regards,

Eric G. Meyer, PhD
Director of Master’s Program, Biomedical Engineering
Academics, Dr. Eric Meyer
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