New Graduate Course Starting F2015

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BME 6303 “Cellular Mechanobiology” is being offered for the first time during the Fall semester of 2015.

Dr. Eric G. Meyer is excited to lead this course covering cutting edge topics in Biomedical Engineering. Specifically, the course will cover the biochemical signaling that occurs in cells in response to various mechanical environmental conditions. Topics include the mechanical behavior of live cells during cell motility, force generation, and interaction with the extracellular matrix; the advanced biomechanical testing tools used for in vitro characterization of living cells; the mechanotransduction processes that convert mechanical forces into biochemical signaling in cells, tissues, and organs.

The textbook is Introduction to Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology By; Jacobs, Huang, and Kwon. ISBN 978-0-8153-4425-4. Additional references will be provided as needed.

Introduction, Concepts, the Cell as a Framework
Historical Foundation
Cell Biology Review
Growth and functional adaptation
Solid Mechanics Review
Fluid Mechanics Review
Statistical Mechanics
Cellular Polymers
Cellular Networks
Cell Membrane
Cell Migration
Cell Contraction
Hormone/Biochemical Influences
Applications in Tissue Engineering
Tendon Mechanoregulation
Cartilage Mechanoregulation
Bone Mechanoregulation
Comparative Biomechanics

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:15 PM. Students will be assessed based on occasional homework assignments, projects, in class journal article reviews, and an exam covering the first part of the course.

For more information about this course or the new Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at LTU, contact Dr. Meyer.

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