LTU BME Alums Make Waves!

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For their senior project, Aimee Tomlinson and Meagan Mazurek (LTU, BME Class of 2017), under the advisement of Dr. Mansoor Nasir, worked on a CPR monitoring device. They won the award for the best project last year. The super alums have been continuing on the entrepreneurship pathway with their project and their initiative led to them being accepted to the Wayne State Patent Procurement Clinic in August 2017. The clinic offers free patent services to a limited number of Michigan-based inventors. Inventors are assigned a patent law student that will perform a patentability search, draft the patent application, and communicate with the US Patent Office. In December 2017, Aimee and Meagan filed a patent application for their CPR feedback device. With the patent pending and some intellectual property protection in place, Aimee applied and was accepted to the Design of Medical Devices Conference’s Valuation Competition. Aimee will be giving an 8-minute oral presentation on the invention, with the chance to be awarded a full valuation of the marketability and manufacturing possibilities for the device, a service valued at $15,000!

Aimee is currently a research assistant for the Motor Learning and Rehabilitation Engineering Lab at Michigan State University. Her next goal is to develop wearable technologies for stroke rehabilitation. Meagan is currently working at Bosch Automotive services solution, in Novi, MI

Aimee Tomlison, Meagan Mazurek and their project advisor, Dr. Mansoor Nasir in 2017

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